As Mayor, I want to develop a municipal cryptocurrency. The City of Lewisville and its residents could benefit greatly from this technology. We could use it for everything from raising money for our police departent to making it easier for average citizens to invest in our municipal bonds.

Lewisville needs additional police officers. Even with the assistance from my proposed Lewisville Police Reserve Force, there are still costs for the equipment and training. We can raise money to go towards these expenses with Blue Coin, Lewisville's own municipal cryptocurrency. Citizens could pay for goods and services from Lewisville businesses that accept Blue Coin, and each transaction would generate funds for the police department. As Mayor, I would visit with business owners and discuss the opportunity of supporting our men and women in blue by accepting Blue Coin. I've already spoken with a number of business owners, like Jason McDermott of Hat Tricks, and they've all expressed interest in Backing the Blue by accepting Blue Coin. Citizens could also encourage businesses to get on board. If two businesses have a similar product offering, but only one accepts Blue Coin, which business do you think citizens who want to support the police will go to? That provides a strong incentive to join the program. Blue Coin also helps keep money in Lewisville. If a resident gives Blue Coin as a gift, the recipient could redeem it at any of the businesses in town that accept Blue Coin.

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I've spoken with several business owners who would accept Blue Coin to support the LPD.

Municipal Bonds
Many of our residents are excited about projects like our Multigenerational Center, that were made possible by municipal bonds. You know who else is excited? Municipal bond investors. Investing in Lewisville is smart. I'd like to explore the opportunity of using our municipal cryptocurrency to make investing in Lewisville easier for the average resident. With Blue Coin, a citizen could potentially invest anything from a couple hundred dollars, to several thousand dollars, in our municipal projects. Imagine the sense of ownership and accomplishment when you see a finished project in Lewisville that you invested in and helped fund.
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With Blue Coin, average citizens could invest in projects like the Multigenerational Center.