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I don't want anyone to think of Lewisville as the city they happen to live in, at the moment. I want citizens to feel like this is where they belong. I will use the office of the mayor to try to achieve that goal. I want to make sure that we do a better job of telling the story of Lewisville, and I want to make sure that you're a part of that story.

I want to use the office of the Mayor to celebrate the accomplishments of Lewisville citizens. When one of our residents has a book published, or when they get their app listed in the App Store, or when they experience other notable achievements in life, I'll use this platform to share it with the Lewisville community. I also want to recognize the folks who have made Lewisville their home for long periods of time. As Mayor, I'd like to give them certificates of appreciation when they hit milestones like 25 and 50 years, and allow them to share some of their memories of Lewisville from years past.

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Erica DeHaas, a high school teacher, had her first novel published, recently. These are the types of accomplishments that I want to celebrate.
The Story of Lewisville
I moved to Lewisville in 1989. I remember riding my bike down Main Street and hanging out all day at Fish & Things pet store. I remember going to Subconscious Sandwich Shop to order their delicious steak and cheese sub for lunch. I wish I had photos of the city back then, to help refresh my memories. As Mayor, I want to establish traditions that will help us document and reflect on our experiences in the city, year after year. I'll work with citizens to create an annual series of commemorative books. What recipes do you think we should include in the 2018 Lewisville Cookbook? Which photos deserve to be featured in the Lewisville Picture Book 2018? What will be the important news stories, events, grand openings, and other items of interest that we'll want to include in the History of Lewisville, 2018 edition?